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Waterline Paddling Gloves

Waterline Paddling Gloves

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Here at Veranda Enterprises we have created multiple brands of outdoor gear.  Including our brand of Paddling Gloves called Waterline.   

As an avid paddler for over 30 years, I've tried many paddling gloves but haven't been happy with any of them. I've been making winter gloves for 15 years so I designed a glove specifically made for paddling.

After a substantial amount of testing and with the help of many other paddlers and talented designers, we have now created what I believe to be the best paddling gloves available anywhere.

-Tim Clough - Waterline

Waterline Paddling Gloves are made specifically for paddling Kayaks, Canoes and SUP Paddleboards.

We put a little bit of soft padding in just the right spots and made it so there are NO SEAMS in the critical grip pressure points between the thumb and first finger where you grip the paddle the most.

Grippy palm material gives you a great grip on the paddle so you don't have a grip on the paddle so you don't have to grip as tightly, and the wide wrist strap keeps the gloves in place and provides a little wrist support.  With Waterline Paddling Gloves you'll have a good grip on the paddle and better time out on the water with less hand and wrist fatigue and no blisters. 

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