We noticed that our kids had the same problems with their mittens that we had with our mittens when we were kids. All the mittens we tried got wet and completely soaked through and snow got in to the wrist and went up inside the coat sleeves. This resulted in cold, wet, miserable feeling hands and wrists. We thought somebody ought to make a better mitten so we had some mittens made that were waterproof and had an extra-long cuff that went way up the arm to protect the wrist from the cold snow.

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Knit Hats that match all our mittens and gloves

Our knit hats are all fleece lined for comfort and warmth and they MATCH! SAVE when you order them together.

NEW for this season!

Snow Boots for Kids - SnowStoppersMittens


Snow Boots

Kids Boots that are lightweight, rugged, comfortable and keep their feet warm and dry!

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One Piece Snow Suits

Infant / Toddler Style

Fleece Lined, Waterproof & InsulatedExtra-long zipper for easy changingFull Foot Coverings on Size 12 Month Only

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Holiday Alpaca Socks

Some socks really are better than others!Made in Peru exclusively for SnowStoppers® our Alpaca socks for kids are softer and more comfortable than traditional wool.

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Snow Suits

Kids Style

Fleece Lined, Waterproof & InsulatedExtra-long zipper for easy on & offCargo style pocket on thighExtra heavy fabric on knees and rearBoot Gaiter at bottom of leg

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Veranda Enterprises consists of SnowStoppers®  Splashy® True Step, Treeline and Waterline brand products.

We love the outdoors and treasure the experiences we had playing outside as kids. We believe in the value of outdoor experiences and in getting closer to nature and we want to make it easier for today’s kids and adults to enjoy the outdoors.

Our line of mittens and gloves for ADULTS.

Waterline Paddling Gloves - SnowStoppersMittens

Waterline Paddling Gloves

Veranda Enterprises consists of SnowStoppers®  Splashy® True Step, Treeline and Waterline brand products.

Waterline Paddling Gloves are made specifically for paddling Kayaks, Canoes and SUP Paddleboards. We put a little bit of soft padding in just the right spots and made it so there are NO SEAMS in the critical grip pressure points between the thumb and first finger where you grip the paddle the most.

Click to view our Fingerless and Full Finger gloves for paddling.

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