About Us

SnowStoppers® is a small New England family owned business which was started by some young parents who wanted to make some better mittens for their own kids.

We noticed that our kids had the same problems with their mittens that we had with our mittens when we were kids. All the mittens we tried got wet and completely soaked through and snow got in to the wrist and went up inside the coat sleeves. This resulted in cold, wet, miserable feeling hands and wrists. We thought somebody ought to make a better mitten so we had some mittens made that were waterproof and had an extra-long cuff that went way up the arm to protect the wrist from the cold snow.

We gave them away to friends, family and neighbors and everybody loved them but they wanted more sizes and different colors and they wanted gloves too. That’s how SnowStoppers® got started and the idea’s been growing ever since. We started with a mission to make better mittens but soon realized our true passion was to make it easier for kids to enjoy the outdoors.