Nordic Hat and Original Mitten Set

Nordic Hat and Original Mitten Set

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Keep the kids warm this winter with a SnowStoppers Mitten & Hat Set.

Included is one pair of SnowStoppers Patented Nylon Mittens and a SnowStoppers Nordic Knit Hat ! The "Nordic" style which has pompoms and braided ties. Fully fleece lined to really help keep kids warm!

The SnowStopper Mittens are made of soft Nylon material on the back, a Tough Grip patch on the palm for excellent grip and flexibility, fully Waterproof Drypel Lining and Thinsulate Insulation so they really keep kids warm. The elegantly simple SnowStopper sleeve is worn under the other clothing and extends up the arm towards the elbow. The SnowStopper sleeve STOPS the SNOW from getting between the coat and mitten, and they DON'T FALL OFF! There is no bulky and unsightly material covering the arm of the coat. Kids stay warmer and play longer with SnowStoppers Mittens You put them on just before the coat and they STAY ON!


Mitten Sizes: Small ages 1-3, Medium ages 2-5, Large ages 4-8.

Hat Size is One Size - Fits most kids from about 3 to 8 years old.

Perfectly Matching Colors! Save with a one size fits many hat - and three different mitten size choices.